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Broker Services

Support for transactions, listings, and you.

At WRE Co. we pride ourselves on providing tailored support for your listings, your transactions, your business and your learning. Check out our categories of service below, and click to see all the ways we can help you manage the flow of business and serve your clients expertly and efficiently.

Transaction Coversheet

DIY online coversheet

This will be routed to your office staff for entry into Paperless Pipeline and will trigger additional actions

Listing support services

Support for your new listing by WRE Co. marketing and staff

Includes MLS support, sign orders, marketing + social media.

Transaction Management

Full service contract-to-close assistance by Released & Recorded

Includes filling and submitting of transaction coversheet.

Other support services

Marketing resources, business building tools, learning support

Includes marketing & website support, business cards & signage, 1:1 zoom trainings. etc

Transaction Management Services - $295

  • Introduction email sent to the broker providing a transaction summary report, printable contract-specific deadline calendar, and notes from our initial audit of the contract
  • Introduction email sent to Escrow (open Escrow), Title, Lender, and other side’s broker providing a transaction summary report and copy of PSA (minus Form 17)
  • Ensure the contract is fully executed with dates, initials, signatures, and broker information is completed
  • Draft Transaction Coversheet/Memo
  • Submit all required contract documents, including coversheet & any additional addendums to broker’s transaction coordinator for compliance & paperless file
  • 24 hour in advance email reminders to the broker of contractual due dates
  • Verify EM deposit and obtain a receipt from Escrow
  • Update deadlines due to any changes in the contract
  • Check math on Commission Worksheet and remind broker to approve it
  • Send all disclosures, documents, and reports to broker’s transaction coordinator and confirm upload onto transaction’s Paperless Pipeline file
  • Conduct a final audit of the file 7 days prior to closing to ensure all documents are uploaded and the file is complete
  • Check-In with Broker 7 days prior to closing to confirm the deadline
  • Confirm final recording and alert broker
  • Follow-Up with broker to obtain outstanding documents (if applicable)

Transaction Cover Sheet - $50

If you find yourself overwhelmed with drafting the transaction coversheet and making sure all documents at Mutual are sent into the office, we can take care of that for you.

Pre-Listing Services - $295

  • Broker contacts Processor Team & fills out provided Listing On-boarding Form
  • Introduction email will be sent to open Title and order Legal Description
  • Order sign install
  • Email sellers to prep for listing papers
  • Prepare Form 17 to send to Sellers through TD
  • Prepare listing papers in Transaction Desk
    – Listing Agreement, 7B, 22J, 22E, 22K, 35P, Form 17 etc.
    – Disclosure Packet, CO2 Alarm, Disclosure Receipt
    – WRE Form 42 (if the seller did pre-inspection)
  • Prepare Listing Input Sheet (Form 1) in Transaction Desk
  • Inform Broker when Listing Papers are ready for their review
  • Create incomplete MLS listing – upload signed supplements + photos
BROKER: Responsible for re-arranging photos
  • Send out listing docs to Agent and Sellers for signatures through TD
  • Inform Broker when Listing Papers are ready for their review
  • Confirm all listing forms have been signed and dated by sellers
  • Inform broker when NWMLS is ready for their review
BROKER: Responsible to review NWMLS Listing and change status to Active
  • NWMLS Approval: Send NWMLS Printout to seller(s) for initials
  • Fill out Transaction Memo
  • Submit all Listing Paperwork to Broker Care Team/Front Desk
  • Confirm transaction is uploaded in Paperless Pipeline
  • Assist in updating NWMLS, & File as needed

Pre-Listing Services - $0

Front Desk/Listing Coordinator:

    • Order sign install
    • Create incomplete MLS listing – upload signed supplements, photos, and input any known broker/public open houses.
      BROKER: Responsible for re-arranging or approving photo order
    • Inform broker when NWMLS Incomplete Listing is ready for their review
      BROKER: Responsible to review NWMLS Listing and notify when staff can change status to Active
    • Upload paperwork to Paperless Pipeline
    • Create/prepare any requested Silent Talkers
    • Create/prepare any requested standard open house flyers

Midtown Marketing team to produce any additional marketing materials as requested

      • Direct mail/Postcards
      • WeConnect e-blast
      • Adwerx
      • Social media squares
      • Custom website landing page

Transaction Cover Sheet - $0

This is the new, standard transaction coversheet and is required for every new transaction.